London Marathon 2017, its happening! I’d somehow managed to gain a ballot entry and Jess, who’d entered the ballot every year for the past few years, was unsuccessful, but on realising I had a place Jess started looking for charities places.

After searching through the list of charities on the London Marathon website, she chose  the London Children’s Ballet. This unique and relatively new charity, provides professional training to disadvantaged children, as well free productions for the enjoyment of the elderly and school children in the most challenged communities.

Having secured places for the race, the next step was to plan our training!

To give you an idea of our fitness, we both run the 5km parkrun every Saturday, and we had recently added track sessions once weekly to work on speed. On top of this, we had very gradually started doing a long run every Sunday, hoping to improve our 5km times. We have both completed half marathons in the past, but the full marathon was definitely a step up for the both of us!

The training plan we settled on, was adapted from an intermediate marathon training plan we found on Runners World.

In summary:

  • 5 day a week running with rest days on Monday and Friday.
  • 1 long run each Sunday increasing distance by 1-2km per week.
  • One steady run, increasing 1-2km per week mid-distance run (8-10km).
  • Parkrun (5km) on Saturday as a tempo run, with option to add distance as needed.
  • Tuesday track session, for speed work with either 800m or 400m efforts.
  • One other short run (4-5km) during the week depending on fatigue.

Starting from January 2017: