Blog post two: Why are we writing a blog?

  • MOTIVATION: The main reason is for motivation, remembering our training runs and plans and seeing what went well. To have some record of everything we have achieved.
  • REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIMES: Looking back at some of the beautiful places we’ve visited on our journey from 5k to half marathon to our first ever road marathon – London Marathon 2017.
  • SHARING: Facebook and Instagram are great places to share photos of the places we’ve visited, but we wanted more space and flexibility where people have chosen to look at these photos.
  • CHARITY: We generally don’t ask for money for charities, but this year is special as we are both pushing boundaries to run the London Marathon to raise money for London Children’s Ballet.

London Children’s Ballet

  • Taking on the challenge of the London Marathon 2017 allows us to raise money for the London Children’s Ballet (LCB) – a non-profit making charity that each year gives talented young talented dancers aged 9-16 the chance to perform in a professional ballet production. Over five months, each child  benefits from over 150 hours of free tuition from leading professional ballet dancers. Although it costs LCB over £3000 per child to participate, each child receives this experience for free.
  • What’s amazing about LCB is that it also gives back to the community. LCB has a Ballet for £1 programme where two performances are dedicated to local school children and to charities for children and the elderly. This means that people who might not be able to afford to see a ballet have the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by the LCB performances.
  • LCB also tours ballets beyond the West End with four touring companies performing ballets in hospices, special needs schools, care homes for the elderly and in the most challenged communities.
  • Please do sponsor us if you are able to – it would be absolutely fantastic for us to hit the £1k mark, and any donation would help LCB keep the amazing experience and wonderful opportunity open to so many dancers and bring the pleasure of ballet to the widest audience possible.
  • To donate to this fantastic cause, please visit:

Upcoming races: 2017 already looks packed for the both of us!

  1. 26/2/17: Brighton Half Marathon 2017
  2. 12/3/17: London North London Half Marathon 2017
  3. 24/4/17: London Marathon 2017
  4. 18/6/17: Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire (Clinton only)
  5. Multiple Parkruns!