Running Manhattan (Long run: 21.3km)
Sunday 22 January 2017. Time: 1h52m. Pace: 5.16/km
Written by: Clinton


Our training plan has been constantly adding 1-2km to our Sunday long run. This week, we had a 21km run planned while we were on holiday in New York.

We’d never run in New York before so we had to plan our route on which is really great as a no-nonsense route planner. We also tried mapmyrun, but was put off by the number of adverts on the main page.

We found what looked like a promising loop round the bottom half of Manhattan. We were hoping to avoid the crowded streets and get some good views of the coast.

It was a cool winter day, so we dressed in light light but warm layers. I wore my Inov8 lightweight rucksack for water and energy gel supplies (and to stuff Jess’s gloves and lip balm).

We started out with steady pace down the east coast of Manhattan island past the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, then down to Battersea Park. It was around about this point when we noticed there were multiple other runners on this path, Jess’s competitiveness kicked in and we ended up picking up the pace up the west coast, past Chelsea pier and past the Highline. We made it to 34th Street before starting our return loop. Dodging past the pedestrians through the busy streets slowed our pace a little.


We were both feeling some niggles particularly at the start of the run.We have both started wearing calf guards on every run to try and speed recovery. Jess’s achilles seemed to give a small pain before getting warmed up properly. My calves seemed to get more and more sore with every run, and sometimes worse during the runs. We’d noticed that stretching was becoming more and more important as our distance was increasing every week. Distance and intensity were both rapidly escalating!

We continued trying different energy gels – firstly the Torq energy gel that we had at about 1 hour in. The rhubarb and custard flavour was actually too sweet and sickly. The High5 raspberry we had at about 1h30mins was much nicer and didn’t even need water to wash it down.

We made it back to our hotel between Chinatown and Little Italy. We were knackered and sweaty but happy to reward ourselves with Portuguese tarts and smoked salmon sushi rolls.