Brooklyn Run (Steady Run: 6km)
Tuesday 24 January 2017. Time: 31m. Pace: 5.10/km
Written by: Jess


New York weather! It turns out the weather can change massively overnight. We felt the effects of Storm Leo and the rain was really hurtling down. Possibly the heaviest we’ve ever run in! As Londoners, we are used to the rain but only drizzling rain but today it felt like we were running into a hurricane and were attacked by freakishly strong winds carrying a force of horizontal hailstones.

I really noticed my left achilles as we were going up Manhattan bridge. I’ve had this niggle for several months now and it always comes back at the start of runs, and this was probably made worse by the 21.1km run we did two days ago. It wasn’t just a struggle to put my left foot in front of my right foot – it genuinely took every ounce of effort to just keep running.

Meanwhile, Clinton decided that this was the perfect day to do intervals and suggested that we do 1 min sprints with 1 min rests. “You go ahead!” I shouted as I half limped half ran up the Manhattan bridge. I was seriously not in the best form. Having just done a half marathon on Sunday, my legs were tired and I did not enjoy being out in the freezing cold, with wind blowing into my eyes and rainwater dripping down my eyelashes.  I also failed to wear waterproof make up so as I was running around all I could think about was how much I looked like a panda. But I found comfort in the fact there were very few people around, and those who were around really wouldn’t care…


We initially planned to run all the way to Prospect Park and take the metro back to the hotel (making it a 6-mile run), but after 2-3km we decided to cut short our route and head back to the hotel so that we could get indoors and wrap ourselves warm sooner.

We decided to take the Brooklyn Bridge on our way back to the hotel, which was possibly one of our best decisions, as we were treated to stunning views of Manhattan. We stopped once or twice on the bridge to take photos, which was not easy in the rain (as most runners would know, the iPhone fingerprint recognition does not work well with wet fingers!) And there was of course the fear that the iPhone would be damaged by water if it was left out in the rain for too long.


The last kilometre back to our hotel was a bit of a nightmare. As we were staying in Little Italy, we had to run past the crowds in China Town to get back to our hotel, and had to stop at every single traffic light. And avoid all the puddles. Which made it quite difficult to achieve negative splits. We never care for time when we’re out running but we always tend to run the last mile or two faster, to give our legs a bit more of a work out, and to remind ourselves of what it’s like to gear up!

We were really hoping that the weather would clear up quickly and thankfully it did.On the next day, we had clear skies and a beautiful view from the top of the Rockefeller, and we managed to fit another 10km run along the coast!