Hudson River Running (Long run 20km)
Friday 27 January 2017. Time: 1h46. Pace: 5.19/km
Written by: Clinton

We planned a route that would allow us to see a good deal of Manhattan. We were nearing the end of our trip and wanted to see as much of the island as possible. To that end, the planned route was to the west coast of Manhattan then along the pedestrian and cycle walk to 59th Street. From there we could divert through Central Park, before returning to the Hudson and continuing North.

As you can see from the map above, we never made it to Central Park. Instead we chose to avoid the crowded streets and stick to the path. We partly regretted this decision because it was freezing along the river with no shelter!

At 10km point we shared a High5 energy gel, banana flavour. It didn’t taste much like banana but it certainly wasn’t bad. We’re still working on getting these gels out while running, without slowing down. It isn’t easy to do when your hands are ice cold…

I was actually feeling great at around about 10km, the cross train day yesterday seemed to have done me a world of good. My calf was still a bit sore but definitely tolerable! I’m still sure that overuse is the reason behind my pain. I must remember to keep stretching my calves.

The view of Henry Hudson bridge seemed to never change as we worked our way towards it. There wasn’t much to distract from the freezing wind and aching legs, and at 15km Jess started piling on the layers – the gloves and the freebie asics snood we converted into a headband. We decided to pick up the pace to combat the cold and also to train our legs to run while fatigued.

After what seemed like the longest time, we passed under the Henry Hudson bridge and continued on the pathway. It was at this point that the first hill of the run appeared. My ‘feeling great’ was definitely at an end as I hobbled up. Jess of course chose this moment to add some pace and raced ahead.

We planned to get the metro back after finishing 20km. At long last 207th Street station came into view, the last station on the A line. We’d ran over 200 blocks.

This would probably be our last long run in New York, and on reflection it’s been great. It’s a city with some really nice flat uninterrupted walkways and cycling paths. Accessible and worth exploring.  Would totally recommend it if anyone is planning a visit!

We’ll finish this post with a final photo, taken yesterday, as the sun set on the Statue of liberty. Goodbye New York.