35 Days to go till the London Marathon! It’s insane how quickly the marathon had been sneaking up on us and time is running out!

This weekend we decided to go to the Lake District for a mini break. I was a bit anxious about not doing a 20-mile+ long run but Clinton convinced me that it was important to do a bit of ‘time on the feet’ strength-building endurance training. I was persuaded that walking on different  surfaces and carefully placing our feet  would encourage our bodies to use different support muscles, tendons and ligaments, essentially turning on muscles that have been ignored through repetitive road run training. And I have started to clock watch a little bit too much anyway so going for a hike sounded like it would be a nice break from that.

We got married in August last year and we were kindly given a hotel voucher to the Ladore Falls Hotel near Derwentwater and Keswick. We’ve only just got around to using it and we decided to invite Clinton’s parents along, partly as an early Mothers’ Day weekend. 

We knew that the tail end of Storm Stella would be hitting us this weekend so we had resigned ourselves to the fact that our walk would be wet and miserable. As we got out of the car there were heavy drops of rain that soaked everything, and we hadn’t even started walking!

Thankfully though, the heavy drops of rain and cloud cleared enough so that we had some beautiful views from the tops down to Derwentwater and through the valley. 

Our route was 15km, from Catbells, Maiden Moor, High Spy down via the mines adjacent to Dale Head. 

Then we had a much less windswept walk through the woods to the very flooded banks of Derwentwater. Despite the rised pathways there was still a flooded section – knee high over the waterproof socks. 

Clinton was a hero and offered me a firemans lift over I tried to act grateful but I was actually a little scared – my face was too close to the water and I had a bad feeling that Clinton was going to drop me somewhere in the middle… Thankfully he didn’t! 

The next day I did a 10km run, while Clinton and my father-in-law did a bike ride around Derwentwater. We were distracted into a late start by the amazing Ladore waterfall that seemed to have doubled in size overnight. 

What followed was one of the wettest runs I’ve ever done – and Clinton and Mac did a loop of Derwentwater where they got just as soaked.

The weekend was basically a controlled soaking of all our clothes and trying desperately to make sure we had something dry to drive home in! But despite the weather we had a great weeekend with beautiful views… we even saw a rainbow on our drive back to London!