By Jess

I’ve been building towards the London Marathon for the last three months or so, and now it’s just two weeks away! Training has gone fairly smoothly and I’ve been running faster than ever before over the shorter distances.

I’ve been tapering for the past week, and with two weeks to go decided that I’d try and put in a solid run at parkrun. I wasn’t sure if I’d get a PB, as it was ridiculously hot today and my legs, quite frankly, felt like lead.

I’ve got into the habit of going out hard for the first km and today was no exception. At around the 3km mark I noticed that my pace dropped and I decided to really push it this time. It was so worth it, as I managed to shave off another 20 secs off my PB – 22.06! It doesn’t sound like much but EVERY SECOND COUNTS in parkrun! 🤓

Obviously being able to run faster over shorter distances doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be able to run the marathon well but the parkrun times told me I’m fit and strong and hopefully I’m in good enough form to not ‘bonk’ half way through! After all the marathon is only 8 parkruns back to back…

Back to the carb loading…