By Jess

Just like riding a bicycle. You hear that phrase a lot. It means that it’s easy, you never forget how to do it. Except for me, cycling is actually one of the most terrifying things. Sure, I can ride a bike. But everytime I go out on a bike something would go wrong. I’ve cycled into a lamppost, cyclist into a parked car, nearly fell in a ditch… I’m not going to lie – I’m one clumsy cyclist!

The problem is that I really want to be a triathlete, and as much fun as the stationary bike is at the gym I can’t quite race on it.

After much research, I decided to buy a second hand Bianchi entry level road bike (a bike with thin wheels and many gears aimed at going super fast) – its a bit scuffled which is great as I’ll probably fall off a couple of times and add more scratches to it!

I tried to ride it last week and it didn’t go so well. The bike – being a race bike – was equipped with cleats (pedal cleats, if you don’t know – I didn’t – are the cycling shoes you’ll spot on every cycling pro). They lock into your pedals so you can push and pull hard on the pedals). The problem with wearing cleats though is that you can’t just put your feet down, you have to click them out first, otherwise you fall off the bike with you feel stuck to the pedals! Finally after 10 minutes of clicking in and out I decided I had enough and admitted defeat (which was not easy) and headed back home.

Last Saturday I decided to tackle the roads again and this time I replaced the cleats with proper pedals. Under Clinton’s ‘supervision’ I managed to cycle about 10km along the Thames. That doesn’t sound like much but for someone like me (who has never been on a road bike and can’t even take one hand off the handlebars or look back while cycling) it’s a BIG deal.

I know I still have a long way to go but I’m super excited about what’s to come – although I’ve got to say these road bikes are not comfortable to sit on, at all. Hopefully I’ll get used to that!