About Us

We are a married couple living, working and running in London!


I started running after endless persuasion from Clinton, but it wasn’t until I started going to parkrun regularly that I really started enjoying it myself. I loved the social aspect and meeting up with lovely people in the cafe after each Saturday morning run. Now my park run tally is over 100 and I’ve been running half marathons twice yearly. I’ve done my first ever marathon in 2017 and I’m now looking to do my first Ironman 70.3 in 2018!

  • 5km PB: 20.53 (Peckham Rye parkrun 2017)
  • 10km PB: 46.42 (Cheshire 10km 2015)
  • Half Marathon PB: 1h38 (Brighton Half 2017)
  • Marathon PB: 3h25m31s (Abingdon Marathon 2017 – 26th female out of 794 runners, 12th in age group)


I started running in 2010, as a replacement to regular swimming and for weight loss. Since then, I’ve run multiple half marathons and parkruns regularly (nearly 200 and counting). I started work full time and found it difficult to keep up with training during the steep learning curve – I’ve been trying to get back to regular exercise and joining the Greenwich Tritons triathlon club has really helped. I’ve done my first Ironman 70.3 in 2017 and I’m hoping to improve my time in Ironman Barcelona 70.3 in 2018! I really want to develop my running to get back to the times I was setting before starting work (before 2015)!

  • 5km PB: 17.58 (parkrun Manchester 2012) Current form: 19.06
  • 10km PB: 39.59 (Manchester BUPA 2012)
  • Half Marathon PB: 1h32 (Brighton Half 2012) Current form: 1h36
  • Marathon PB: 3h22m55s (Abingdon Marathon 2017)
  • Aquathon:
  • Olympic Distance: 2h49
  • Ironman 70.3: 6h06

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