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We are a married couple living and working in London!


I started running after endless persuasion from Clinton, but it wasn’t until I started going to parkrun regularly that I really started enjoying it myself. I loved the social aspect and meeting up with lovely people in the cafe after each Saturday morning run. In August 2017 I joined the Highgate Harriers and began to train properly for a marathon. In April 2017 I did my first ever marathon with a time of 3h33.

In August 2017, we moved to South East London and we ended up joining the local triathlon club, Greenwich Tritons. I decided I would learn to swim and cycle. I had never ridden on a road bike but Clinton helped me get the right bike and I started training. As I got fitter, the idea of competing again started to take hold and I had my sights set on entering my first triathlon.

In May 2018, I entered and completed my first triathlon. Although I wasn’t particularly quick, I absolutely loved the occasion and I was hooked. Shortly after, I completed my first Ironman 70.3 in Barcelona. At this point I was not confident with cleats so I did the race in pedals. In June, I began to race with cleats and I did my first Olympic distance triathlon at Leeds Castle and qualified for the ITU World Triathlon Championships taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2019. The dream had become a reality. I became a GB age-group athlete overnight.

I was lucky to have support from some great local athletes at the Greenwich Tritons and now that I had earned my GB strip, I started to secure some great sponsors and was lucky to be selected as an ambassador for Sundried. Through sheer grit and determination and a refusal to give up when times get hard, it had taken me just a year to qualify as an age grouper and as a competitive athlete for Team GB.

I’m now in my second year of triathlon. My running has improved since I joined the Belgrave Harriers in January 2019 and this year has already started with a series of PB’s. In February 2019 I got a new half marathon PB (1h30) at the Big Half, and in April 2019, I got a new PB at the Boston Marathon (3h15). In May 2019, I competed for the first time at the ITU Aquathlon World Championships in Pontevedra, Spain. I finished in 16th place in my age group, racing the best of the best. What an amazing experience that was.

Triathlon has added so much to my life. With three sports to master, it’s a true leveler for athletes. I have met some truly amazing and inspiring people at all levels of the sport on my journey and all of them inspire me to do better.


  • 5km PB: 19:53 (Victoria Docks 2018)
  • 10km PB: 40:55 (Lee Valley 2018)
  • Half Marathon PB: 1h30 (Big Half 2019)
  • Marathon PB: 3h15 (Boston 2019)


I started running in 2010, as a replacement to regular swimming and for weight loss. Since then, I’ve run multiple half marathons and parkruns regularly (nearly 200 and counting).

I started work full time and found it difficult to keep up with training during the steep learning curve – I’ve been trying to get back to regular exercise and joining the Greenwich Tritons triathlon club has really helped.

The highlight has been representing GB in the Aquathlon European and World AG Championships. I was 10th overall (4th Brit) in Ibiza 2018 European Championships and improved to 7th overall (2nd Brit) in Pontevedra 2019 World Championships.

The future holds more GB racing and I hope to also qualify for the triathlon at some point in the future. A sub-18 min 5km still alludes me but my times are still improving and I’m confident with consistency I’ll get there.


  • 5km PB: 17.54 (Parkrun Victoria Dock 2018)
  • 10km PB: 39.59 (Manchester BUPA 2012)
  • Half Marathon PB: 1h25 (The Big Half 2019)
  • Marathon PB: 3h22m55s (Abingdon Marathon 2017)
  • Aquathon: 26.24 (London Fields Aquathon 2019)
  • Olympic Distance: 2h19 (Midnightman Quarter 2018)
  • Sprint 1h14 (Redcar 2018)
  • Ironman 70.3: 5h36 (Barcelona 2018)
  • Duathlon 1h20 (Ashridge Duathlon 2019)

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